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Telephone +420 601 246 456

Map Kolbenova 438/7, 190 00 Prague 9, Czech Republic

Booking is required
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1. We’ll pick you up

Our driver comes to your hotel entrance and collects your group at the agreed pick-up time. With some hotels or apartments it is difficult for the driver to park or leave the minibus so please keep an eye on the entrance to the hotel, and have your group ready to go a few minutes before the agreed pick-up time. If your hotel or rental apartment address is changed at short notice please let us know the new address as soon as possible, so we can brief the driver with the correct address and avoid any lengthy delays finding you. The trip to the range usually only takes about 20 minutes from most of the hotels and apartments in central Prague.

Driver comes to your hotel and collects your group. Trip to range takes approx. 20 mins.

2. Safety Briefing

After being welcomed to the shooting range, and sorting out any balance payment with the Range Manager (for those paying the balance on arrival – see prices pages for details) there is a short safety briefing in English from the senior instructor on site, and the chance to ask any questions. There is also a waiver form to read and sign. This all takes about about 10 minutes, and then the real fun can begin.

When you arrive there is a short safety briefing in English, and the chance to ask any questions.

3. You shoot stuff

A person aiming down an indoor gallery

You each take turns at shooting the different guns that are included in your chosen shooting event. Those not shooting can watch the shooters whilst they are waiting for their turn to shoot. The range is indoors and depending on how big your group is we will have between 1 and 3 people shooting at any one time. The individual firing points are next to each other, so you will be able to watch those shooting and are welcome to take photos of your friends whilst you are waiting for your turn.  There are cameras fitted downrange pointed at the targets so that you can see where your friend’s shots are going on the target on the large TV screens above each shooter. There is 1-to-1 instructor coaching during all periods of live fire to ensure your safety.

Shooting the guns included in your shooting event, with 1-to-1 instructor coaching throughout to ensure your safety.

4. Shoot some t-shirts

Towards the end of the event each shooter gets his/her own Gun Gremlin T-shirt to shoot some souvenir bullet holes in to remind them of the trip to Top Gun Prague. The Gun Gremlin T-shirt is usually shot with a full bore pistol (all of our shooting events include at least one pistol) because these tend to make the most impressive bullet holes!  For more info and to view photos of the T-shirt shoot Click Here.


The T-shirt shoot is not included in the Triple Guns or Four Guns packages

Finally you'll each get your own Gun Gremlin T-shirt to shoot some souvenir bullet holes in.

5. Awards & Pictures

The winners are announced along with a score sheet so that everyone can see how they did and the winners gets awarded a certificate. And finally there is an opportunity for some group photos holding some of the unloaded guns. There are a couple of safety rules that must be observed when posing with the guns (i.e. Finger off the trigger; Gun always pointed in a safe direction, never at another person).

The winners are announced and there is an opportunity for group photos holding the (unloaded) guns.

6. Beer & Sandwich

There is then time for a complimentary beer and sandwich before taking the minibus back to your hotel or apartment in Prague. If anyone in your group requires a vegetarian sandwich please let us know at on your booking form so we can order this for them.  If anyone it your group does not drink beer there are some soft drink alternatives available.

Time for a complimentary beer and sandwich before the minibus trip back to Prague.

7. We’ll drop you back

Then its back to Prague on the minibus. As with the trip out, this usually only takes about 20 minutes.


If you only have hand luggage it is also possible to drop you off at the airport after shooting instead of going back to central Prague, but you will need to tell us at the time of booking if you want an airport drop-off. There is an extra charge  for airport drop-offs because of the longer journey and airport parking.  This airport drop-off fee is £5 per person for groups of 4 or more people (for smaller groups of 2 or 3 persons it is £20 for the group) and is payable in advance at the time of booking.

Then its back on the minibus for the ride back to your hotel, or apartment, in Prague.

8. Share the word

Let your friends and others know how amazing your experience was by sending in a Tripadvisor review and sharing your experiences on social media.  Also we’d love to hear how you got on at the range and for any feedback so that we can make the shooting experiences get even better.

We'll send you a link to the TripAdvisor review form


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